Why Recycle Your Vehicle?

car recycling TorontoWhen you are ready to throw away your old vehicle or you were unluckily involved in a motor vehicle accident and your car was totalled, the best option for the environment is to recycle your car at your local auto wreckers. For convenient and Eco friendly scrap car removal services check out auto wreckers Toronto or car recycling Toronto. Recycling your automobile is involves stripping the vehicle down and removing all the parts that can be resold and reused in anther vehicle. There are a number of different factors that the environment can benefit from auto recycling.

Most people understand that there are benefits for the environment when you recycle your car but they don’t understand the true degree that is achieved. Here are some of the basic facts about auto recycling: one ton of steel, 1400 pounds of coal, and about 200 pounds of limestone is saved in the process. This is a reflection of all the industrial work done to mine and manufacture these parts again. Ultimately we are reducing greenhouse gases, energy, time, and money. This is only the beginning; there are a few more reasons to recycle your vehicle.

Metals and oils that seep out of vehicles and go into our soil contaminate our water supply. The soil is also damaged severely and cannot be used to grow crops for a long time after being subject to such contamination. The production of new parts for vehicles costs a large amount of money and produces large amounts of greenhouse gases that damage our ozone layer. This is the most serious of all aspects; it is a potential threat to our species, as we know it. All of these old and damaged vehicles that do not get recycled end up in landfill sites that are overflowing with garbage and do not have the room necessary to put tons of vehicle waste, all this land can be developed into agricultural crops before they turn into landfill sites. If we focus on using our vehicles to their full value we can save a few dollars and save our environment a lot of stress in the process. Please contact your local auto wreckers for more information.